Children Waiting

A special thank you to The Child Life Program at Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, friends, family and the community for their referrals of children to Special Spaces. We are honored and blessed to work for such amazing children and their families.
Creating a dream bedroom makeover for a child with a life-threatening illness can be a wonderful team building event for your company, church or organization. Our room makeovers are usually completed in one day – a day that your employees or members will never forget and a day that a child suffering with a life threatening illness and his/her family will always remember. If you would like to sponsor or donate to one of our children’s bedroom makeovers, please contact us.
Currently, the following children are waiting for their dream room makeovers. Creating a special space of hope is our passion and is what we are all about! There are more children who are waiting for their first interview with us, so please check back for more information about these wonderful children.!!
We are all volunteers at Special Spaces Albuquerque, we are funded solely through the generous donations of businesses, organizations, individuals and our fund raising efforts. The money that comes into Special Spaces Albuquerque goes back into the rooms that we create for the children in the Albuquerque Metro Area….unfortunately, there is never a shortage of sick kids, so the challenge will always be to raise money for the next bedroom makeover.
Thank you Albuquerque for your incredible support for Special Spaces Albuquerque and helping us create “Special Spaces” for these precious and amazing children!

Meet Emily! Picture2Picture1

Emily is a beautiful 5 year old who was diagnosed with Stage IV High Risk Neuroblastoma in July, 2014. Since her diagnosis she has undergone 8 surgeries and 6 cycles of chemotherapy.

Emily loves playing with her Barbie dolls, legos and is very artsy-craftsy.

Her favorite color is Dark Pink and she would love a Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty/Castle bedroom.

If you, your company or organization would like to sponsor Emily’s room makeover of if you would like to donate to help us purchase the items needed please contact us or you can make a donation via PayPal.

Thank you for your support and helping to put a smile on these precious children’s faces…