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There are many ways you, your family, organization or your business can help Special Spaces. Consider joining us today!

If you are making a donation for an event or a particular child click on the “Donate” button below then, after you enter the amount and credit card information, click on “Review donations and continue”.  On the next page click on “Add special instructions to the seller” and type in the name of the event or the name of the child that you wish the donation to go for in that space.


Special Spaces Albuquerque relies solely on the generous donations of our contributors. All donations are welcomed and appreciated. Please see below options, contact us at with questions.  All donations can be in the form of cash, check, or PayPal.
*Please note PayPal donations go through our National foundation and then are deposited into Special Spaces Albuquerque. Your receipt will show “”, she is the National Director of Special Spaces.

Individual Donations:

All monetary donations are welcomed and appreciated, whether a one-time donation, a recurring donation, planned giving or in-kind donations of gifts or services.
o    Donation amount over $250 will receive up to 4 Special Spaces Albuquerque tee shirts.

Full Corporate Sponsorship:

Sponsor room(s) and have your employees complete the makeover.
Sponsorship amounts begin at $3,000.  The average cost of a room makeover fluctuates based on the needs of the child.
o    Corporation logo and web link published on our website
o    Opportunity for your employees to be a part of a Special Spaces makeover
o    Special Spaces Albuquerque tee shirts for your volunteer employees

Partial Corporate Sponsorship:

Sponsor room(s)Donation amounts of $500, $1,000, $1,500 or $2,000 Includes:
o    Corporation logo and web link published on our website

University/Community Program Sponsorship:

Sponsor room(s) and have your group complete the makeover.  Great for community service organizations, fraternities, sororities, sports teams,, etc.
o    Sponsorship amounts begin at $3,000
o    Raise the funds to sponsor a room
o    Group participates in the room makeover

University/Community Program Fundraising:

Special Spaces will partner with any program wishing to raise funds for the organization.  Please contact Special Spaces Albuquerque, email:

Materials and Supplies:

Special Spaces is always in need of supplies.  Materials range from paint to furniture to water.  Special Spaces is always in need of lunch and water sponsors during the room makeover day.  Our volunteers work very hard to create these dream bedrooms in one day.  Lunch and snacks are always a welcome treat!

Thank you for supporting Special Spaces Albuquerque’s

Mission and Purpose!!